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Are you feeling nervous about giving birth?

Most expecting mums do, of course – and understandably so! So many birth stories we hear, see – or might even have experienced ourselves – can make even the strongest woman feel any shade of “un-easy” as the big birth day draws closer!   However, did you know that how you feel and think about birth has a direct impact on how easy – or difficult your birth later turns out to be?   Due to ... »

BabyNatal workshops for parents-to-be

BabyNatal workshops for parents-to-be

BabyNatal classes are now being held at the new Kiddicare store in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. A BabyNatal class is all about preparing parents for the day when you first hold your baby in your arms. We understand that each family and baby is different – we never teach you one method and claim it is the ‘best’ way. Parenthood is all about choice and finding the right way for you, your family and you... »

Carry Me Slings
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Carry Me Slings

Carry Me Slings Would you like to learn how to carry your infant in a sling or carrier safely and correctly? Your baby is born into a state of Kyphosis where their spine is ‘C’ shaped. Your baby carrier needs to support this natural progressive development, along with supporting hip development and overall comfort for you both. Some mass produced carriers do not support thi... »

Carry Me Slings Workshops
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Carry Me Slings Workshops

Carry Me Slings are not only offering a range of sling libraries across Bristol, where you can come and get free qualified and insured advice from experts on how to carry your infants. We also do a range of workshops in conjunction with other infant-carrying professionals and health visitors to provide you with a unique and tailored experience. – Introduction to Infant Carrying workshop (3 h... »

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Feeding Your Baby From Bump To Toddler

Pregnancy & Labour As well as ensuring your diet is varied, colourful and balanced; it is also important to consider ‘anti nutrients’ in your diet or environment. So avoiding or reducing exposure to toxins from strong perfumes, chemical cleaning agents, trans fats in margarines, crisps, cooked sunflower oil and cakes, caffeine and alcohol. Adding raw olive oil to vegetables and salads and havi... »

Lazy Daisy Birthing – The only antenatal class you will ever need!
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Lazy Daisy Birthing – The only antenatal class you will ever need!

Lazy Daisy have taken all the best bits of Hypnotherapy for birth, yoga inspired movement, breathing techniques for labour and birth, Active Birth Theory, Relaxation techniques and physiological education and combined it to create an all encompassing 6 week course to help prepare you for the birth of your baby. Lazy Daisy is suitable for those who wish to give birth naturally and for those who kno... »

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Love Birth Antenatal Classes

Love Birth antenatal classes are held at Portland Therapy Centre, near Staple Hill in Bristol. There are a variety of courses to choose from for mums to be and birthing partners supporting you in your journey through pregnancy into parenthood. Classes are held on a Thursday and the dates of the next course can be found at Love Birth antenatal classes are unique.  Topics range f... »

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Mother’s Sharing, a new group for Bristol

A new weekly support group has started to support Bristol mums-to-be and mums. The group takes place every Monday at 10.45am to 12pm and is held at the wonderful Family Practice, 116, Gloucester Road, BS7 8NL Bristol, just 2 minutes from our shop. Subjects that may arise are positive infant feeding, (breast and bottle feeding), sleep issues, coping with change, boredom and the transition from coup... »

Spring 2014

Mothers Day inspiration from Smallprint

What could be better this Mother’s Day than giving Mum a unique, handcrafted piece of jewellery that has actually been touched by the child she loves? A beautiful gift she will wear with pride! Choose a fine silver pendant showcasing her little one’s tiny precious fingerprint.  Smallprint’s special printing process means that each piece of fingerprint jewellery has been touched by someone yo... »

Mums afternoon off! – Thermae Bath Spa review
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Mums afternoon off! – Thermae Bath Spa review

As any loving mummy knows toddlers can be massively exhausting at times and the past week had been ‘one of those’ weeks. So when Sunday rolled in I was more than a little ready for some quality R&R with my little Sister bathing in Britain’s only naturally warm, mineral rich waters at this beautiful award winning Natural Spa – Thermae Bath Spa. In the heart of a World heritage site the New Roya... »

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