Feel good with WaterBumps!

Feel good with WaterBumps!

Pregnancy can be wearing and take its toll on your body and your emotional wellbeing. It’s important not only to stay mobile and as fit as possible, but also to find time for yourself and grab the chance to relax when you can. That’s often easier said than done with today’s busy lifestyle, but booking a pregnancy-friendly class can be the perfect answer. If you have something scheduled in your diary, then you’re much more likely to take that time out for you.

There are options out there for mums-to-be and it doesn’t get much better than WaterBumps classes, specially designed aqua-based exercise sessions to help you strengthen, stretch and relax your body to cope with the physical demands of pregnancy. Not only do these classes help to keep you mobile, they also give you well-deserved relaxation time, and provide a great chance to meet other mums.

The techniques involved are gentle and perfectly safe for your baby. During pregnancy the body’s weight and balance shifts, making it difficult to hold or even take some positions on dry land. Water provides support that makes it possible to safely execute these exercises and with natural resistance as an added bonus. WaterBumps even includes breathing and exercises that can be used during labour!

Ellie Morris from Weston-Super-Mare, commented, “WaterBumps is my time out, I think of it as my feel-good class. It’s really different and it helps me to switch off and focus on my baby through the relaxation and breathing exercises, which I’ve actually started using at home. The weightlessness of the water lets me stretch out and float, and perform strengthening exercises that I couldn’t do out of water with my bump.”

Once baby is born, WaterBumps’ post-natal classes are the ideal way to gently get your body back. With a focus on strengthening your pelvic floor and boosting energy levels, the classes are specifically geared around you. Taking time out at a WaterBumps class provides a rare opportunity to look after yourself and offers you well-deserved ‘me-time’!

Ali Burlingham, the brains behind WaterBumps explains, “Our classes are a really feel-good way to relax and keep your body in shape both during and after this special time, they are beneficial for a straightforward or challenging pregnancy and also to help get your body back after baby is born. It’s all about our ‘wraparound care’ like a big hug for every part of you – physical, mental and emotional.”

To find out more about WaterBumps or to book your free taster class visit www.waterbumps.co.uk or call 01275 400 800.